How to take the chain off with a squeezer

Secure the squeeze

  • We need to position the tool axis at the chain link axis.
  • Usually there are clamps in which to insert the chain.
  • You can choose any chain link, but it is more reliable not to choose the same one every time.

Go to

  • Start twisting the squeezing handle.
  • If you are using a multi-tulle, the handle can be the tool set itself.
  • The axle must be unscrewed by the width of the central chain link element.
  • Do not screw it all the way in, if the axis falls out of the chain it will be difficult to insert it back in.
  • Usually you have to stop before the second click, it will be a little harder to twist before this moment.

Disconnect the circuit

Finally, the chain is disconnected by the hands.

Just pull it out.