chain with the lock1

Sequence of steps to remove the chain from the bike without squeezing it out with your hands

The squeezing is a useful tool. However, it is not always at hand. Well, then, what do we do? The prospect of staying with a non-working bike in the middle of pristine nature somewhere a lot away from the city does not look attractive. You can take the chain off the bike without squeezing it. It won’t be easy to do it yourself, but it’s quite real. Let’s consider in detail the options of disassembling the chain with the lock and without it.

The model with the lock

How do you check if the chain has a lock? It’s easy! Run a quick check to see if the chain has a link that is different from its neighbors. This is the castle. You can unlock it by moving the pins on each of the links with your hands or pliers. To assemble the chain, you need to do the same thing in reverse sequence.

A model without a lock

In this case, it won’t be easy without squeezing. And the result will be unpredictable. But if there are no other options, out of 2 evils, we choose the lesser one. So, we remove the unlocked chain from the bike by improvised means in this order.

  • Screw the ordinary vice to the table.
  • To fix a chain in a vice, having put on one side of a nut which aperture corresponds with pin.
  • Attach a small screw with a hat on the other side.
  • Clamping the vise, push the ball of pin through the nut hole.


To open the chain, it’s not enough to release one side. You have to pull the link and pull out the chain or add another ball and keep trying.

To sum up, it is safe to say that prying is an indispensable thing on the road for every rider. And if a broken chain with lock can still be removed from the bike without this device, as for the chain without lock, it will be difficult to do without it. However, in case of force majeure, you can use the above instructions.