Spin it right, gentlemen

1. Maintain pace

Your acceleration won’t be long if you’re too abruptly steep and often start threshing your legs. Maintain an even force throughout the entire pedal turn, taking into account changes in the road surface and gradient. You should try to keep the force as even as possible, but be able to sometimes give out 110% and slightly reduce it if necessary.

2. Twist the pedals from the steering wheel

To apply as much power as possible to the pedals, you should pull the steering wheel with your hands and transmit this force through the body to your feet and further into the connecting rods. It is quite natural to do this when riding into the lifts, but on the plane this moment requires special attention.

3. Secure the torso

If you want all efforts to come to the pedals, you need to fix the torso, so that energy is not wasted on unnecessary motions. The strong, developed body provides a good support for the legs, from which they can push the pedals. Flexible and smooth should be only in turns, on a straight line you are a flint.

4. Gear choice

You should be very flexible and conscious in approaching the shifts so that you have approximately the same pedal speed. It is also worth making an effort throughout the whole pedaling circle with the right technique – press down and try to pull and push the pedals through the dead spots for 12 and 6 hours.

5. Maintain chain tension

Using a heavy gear, fixing your body and concentrating on pedaling in a large circle, you get a constantly tightened chain. Always a tensioned chain is a great indicator that energy is not wasted and it’s one of the secrets of fast cycling.